Norinco “Model of the 1911A1”

This was actually my first 1911 pistol and purchased in the late 90s. They were (and still are) bargain guns considering they are made from very good steels with correct hardening in the right places. My Norinco has an attractive parkerized finish that has held up quite well to endless holster presentations. Accuracy is what you can expect from a GI-grade gun, the triggers get better over time. I never experienced a small parts breakage in all those years. The grips are trash and have to be replaced. I also would not trust my life in the magazines, so I used only MegCar. These guns were quite popular for custom projects in the 90s and gunsmiths, as I recall, actually complained about the hardness of the steels. I cannot comment on other Chinese pistols, but if you can pick up a Norinco 1911 for a nice price, you will not be disgraced. I have later upgraded to a Colt Gold Cup because of the superb accuracy (my shooting is mostly done at 25 yards, target style), but the Norinco will stay with me.



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