R.I.P Jerry Ahern ( 1946 – 2012 )

jerry ahern


It is with great sadness that I was informed these days via Facebook that adventure novelist and well-known gunwriter Jerry Ahern has passed away after having battled with cancer. As a teenager, I have spent countless hours enjoying the adventures of well-armed SURVIVALIST John Thomas Rourke with his trademark twin Detonics .45 Combatmaster pistols and the Jack Crain LS-X knife (Step aside, Arnold, book knives can be bigger than movie knives…). The series nearly turned into a movie for the big screen. Later, I read the DEFENDER and FREEMAN novels while following Ahern´s articles in Petersen´s Handguns magazine. Today, I still listen to a SURVIVALIST graphic audio novel from time to time, bringing back nice memories. I raise the glass to you, Jerome. I am sure your life was filled with everything a man could want.



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