Cold Steel Barong Machete (Discontinued)

Sadly, this 12 inch carbon steel bladed wilderness tool is no longer made. Like the Sax and the Bowie Machete, these were china-made. The grips are of a softer material compared to the current south-africa-made machete models by CS, cushioning your chopping in wood. Also, the sheaths are of appreciably better build quality and perfectly adequate. I like the fact that the edge has a nice constant belly to it and offers an acute tip at the same time. At almost 3mm spine thickness, the CS Barong is not flexible but very lightweight at the same time. In a pinch, the Barong should make a very decent short sword. Why this series was discontinued remains a mystery to me. If you can find one used or NOS for an adequate price, make sure to buy it. You will not be disappointed.


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