Infiner “Mad Dog” Clone

These days, I´ve had the chance to handle and photograph one of he latest fake knives from China. A copy of the Mad Dog Pygmy 1 made by “Infiner”, a company that is also manufacturing copies of the Mission MPK and ESEE4. The prices are appreciably higher than your typical fake knife. 50 Euros or more have to be paid for most Infiners, which is making the basic idea of faking a bit senseless.

The Pygmy clone is very well made with a flat ground blade of 5 inches that is supposed to be made of 440C and a 4.5 inch long handle of very smooth G10. The kydex sheath is well fitted and even features a reproduced TekLok adapter that seems trustworthy at first glance.

I have never handled a handmade Mad Dog knife as they are beyond my financial opportunities, but I am amazed at how comfortable the handle is. I would love to see this great grip design in a more affordable commercial version of the original knives.

The chinese clones make no real sense to me, as it is hard to judge what the blade steel really is, if there is a decent quality control at all or how much stress you can put on the handle. Decide for yourself if supporting such companies to get a cheap version of your dream knife is OK or if you will just obtain an overpriced wall hanger that might hurt sales of the original designers.


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