Cold Steel Spike Drop Point 53NCC

8 inches of Krupp 14116 stainless steel, an eigth of an inch thickness, full tang, 4 inches of handle and 4 inches of blade, flat ground. Secure Ex sheath designed for neck carry. Made in Taiwan. Faux G10 handle scales with a very secure texturing.

Currently, four variants are available. Bowie, Drop Point, Tanto and “Tokio”. I chose the middle ground and ended up with a nice and solid steak knife that has some defensive value for people with small hands. Actually, I can very well envision this knife in the purse of a well prepared lady besides a can of pepper spray. For my paws, I would rate it as a bit too slim and would prefer some more handle beef.

I have not used mine for anything else but slicing pizza, but I would bet this is a solid penetrator. The sheath does not offer enough tightness for neck carry in my book and I do not know if the material will take the abuse of re-forming it. If you have big hands, better check this one out in a knifeshop before you buy.

I have therefore chosen a pencil, a SAK Hiker, and a classic Mora knife for the photo impressions. The knife seems not comparable at all to the older cord-wrapped versions of the Spike.






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