Benchmade Adamas Fixed D2 Military Badass Knife

There are three aspects in a knife that I usually do NOT like :


-Lack of handle scales

-Black Coating

The Adamas that I received has all of that and I still love it! Benchmades are made of the highest quality, no questioning.

Every grind, corner and nick on this one is perfectly done and finely finished D2 tool steel, not completely rust free but very edge holding. The skeleton handle was paracord-wrapped by the previous owner (very well and tightly done, thank you), the knife/sheath system is completely ambidextrous in design and features some strange, but agressive serrations on the spine. Not the worst place to place them. What for ? Notch wood, cut plastic or light aluminum?

The high quality plastic sheath locks the knife quite securely, an elastic thumb strap can be added in hostile environment or make your edged weapon jump proof. There is an abundance of rivet holes to place your Tek-Lok (included) on and carry the slim lightweight fighting knife on your belt or gear. This knife rocks!

I can very well imagine that a version with simple handle scales and devoid of the serrations would sell extremely well in the outdoor market.




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