Böker Plus Kwaito Bud Nealy Taiwan Concealment Knife

I´m loving it … as I always had a soft spot for Bud Nealy knives. The minimalistic and lightweight design just appeals to me.

“Lean and mean” would be the best description.

This factory version of the Kwaito is 21cm in overall length, that´s about 8.25 inches. 4 inches of blade made from swedish 12C27 stainless steel with a thickness of 1/8 inches. Pretty thin for some people, but this is meant to be a concealment knife. Nicely done G10 handles, quite smooth and edgy at the same time, and a well thought out kydex friction fit sheath complete the trim package from design genius Bud Nealy. Weight is 102 grams without sheath and 136 grams with it. The blade finish is superb, the whole workmanship of the Taiwan made knife is impeccable.

It also comes with a big Teklok included and is currently on sale from the Boker site for under 40 Euros !!! The earlist versions were 70.

What else can I say ? I already carry this one every day and bought a second one as a spare. My brother wanted one, too.

It is that good. It cannot be declared a dagger in most jurisdictions and will not scare people to death if you abuse it to cut your steak.

In a dark alley, the satin finish blade will stand out and protect you quite well. I see no danger of slipping on the edge because of the well placed serrations for thumb and forefinger. The icepick grip, edge forward, should work best with this handle.


PS : The knife seems to be discontinued lately, so now would be the time to get one if you like it…


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