DPX H.E.F.T. 4 Mil-Spec Knife w/ G-10 Handle (4″ Stonewash Plain)

Overall Length: 9″
Blade Length: 4″
Blade Thickness: 0.19″
Handle Material: 3D-contoured black G-10
Handle Thickness: 0.76″
Carry System: Black Cordura
Weight: 7.05 oz. w/out sheath
Made in Italy by Lion Steel, Lifetime NQA warranty

My impressions so far :

The workmanship is superior. A custom knife cannot be better made. Especially the finish is impressive. The knife is as tough as it gets while still being very compact. This one should be ideal for pilots or all people who like them small yet need a tool that can take abuse without going to quarter inch thick spines. I wish the grip was somewhat larger and less slippery, the length should be ok for all users. Unlike the ESEE 4. The sheath is a somewhat bulky affair with a front pouch that is too small for most multi-tools, but a SAK and a BIC lighter will fit. The first wire stripper notch included in the thumb ramp can hurt your skin and raise blisters. I hope the MOLLE strap will be tough enough to serve as a belt loop, an extra dedicated Velcro secured belt loop would have been nice, too. The bit holder integrated in the right grip panel is a nice feature that does not hurt and could come in handy … if you carry the bits around with you. The pry bar / bottle opener tang end does not get in the way most of the time. The HEFT does not whittle or carve like a scandi grind Mora. I am not sure if this knife will be a keeper, since my philosophy of use is more changing towards a big knife / small knife combo these days. The HEFT is currently available for 140 dollars at some places (BladeHQ). Bear in mind the quite exclusive NIOLOX steel used here and that is a steal. You might have to invest in a kydex sheath for it to make the whole package even more compact.



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