Laix B007 Tactical Pen

The Laix B007 “tactical” pen weighs 35 grams and is 6 inches in length with the cap screwed on. The refill is your standard Parker Jotter style with many makers to choose from. It retails for around 14 dollars including shipping from China. I was always distracted from buying an expensive kubotan pen because this kind of item is easily mislayed or lost, but at this price tag, I could not resist. Fit and finish are superb, the threads are nicely done. The is no way of securing the cap when writing. The tungsten tip is quite pointed and using this pen in a defensive role with powerful strikes could easily penetrate skin and do mayor damage to an attacker, so the threat level should be pretty high to justify using the Laix on someone. It will work superbly as a glass breaker, so I consider the B007 more an “emergency pen” than a defensive item. The clip could have more springiness to it, it remains to be seen how it and the screws that fasten it to the cap will hold up. The ergonomics of the pen for writing are very nice, so you will actually be using this one. Highly recommended. If you know of an original that this pen is copied after, please drop me a line.






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