Orient „Bambino“ Stainless Steel Dresswatch

I recently christmas-gifted myself prematurely a “Bambino” automatic by Orient Watch Co., the FER 24005WO.

40mm (without crown) make for a great size. The nicely domed mineral crystal is a striking feature, as is the 50s classic design. The dial is creamy white, the black leather strap with crocodile pattern is tough and comfortable, for very fat wrists it might be a bit short. It also looks a bit too modern for my taste, as it does not taper towards the buckle. I will be looking for a replacement, but the lug width is 21mm, so the market is a bit limited.

Bear in mind that the watch is only “water resistant” (splash safe) and has no lume whatsoever. The movement (Orient 48743) cannot be hand wound and does not hack. I could have lived without the date window and its nasty black frame. Also, the minute and second hands should be a tad longer.

Apart from these minor things, it is an absolute beauty and runs very accurately. Maybe I do not love watches enough, but as long as such “sleeper” watches can be had from Japan for well below 200 dollars, I do not see the need to save money for a luxury Swiss piece. There are some variations of models, even gold plated versions.




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