Lansky Willumsen 333 World Legal Slipjoint folding knife

I´ve been carrying one of these for a few days now, since German law makes carry of one hand opening knives that lock practically illegal (legality depends on a “legal reason”).
The 333 is neither locking nor one hand opening, so you are on the safe side in both ways. Extra-legal, one could say. Yes, people get asked by police at traffic stops : “What kind of knife have you clipped to your pants there?” … check your local laws carefully:

Lansky will NOT send you attorneys to get you out of jail OR pay for your fines. The “World Legal” knife is well-meant, however, and serves a purpose in a world where some of the people actually think that muggers, rapists and robbers give S##T about laws.

My impressions so far :

– Decent workmanship, but check your sample before you buy, if possible
– VERY stiff backspring, be sure to grasp the blade firmly and SECURELY
– Rough texturing on the grips, very good ergonomics, even with big hands
– Very inexpensive, considering good 440C steel is used
– Perfectly ambidextrous, pocket clip has ideal tension
– Thumbnail groove is useless and purely cosmetic
– Looks modern and tactical enough to scare some people
– Quite chunky and heavy
– Hollow ground blade comes shaving sharp from the blister packaging










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