Kershaw CQC-6 Emerson Model 6034






Finally, I joined the club. The knife world is currently going nuts over these framelock knives and I have to agree. They are VERY nice for the money. But Chinese knives can, of course, be really good without breaking the bank. Hell, I bought two of them and do not regret it. The 3.25 inch blades are a nice EDC-length, though longer versions would be more “badass”. Kinda like the knife that killed Usama … yes šŸ˜‰

The latest batch ships with correct length screws for lefty mounting of the clip. I prefer “high flat gind” knives, but the hollow grind does not hurt here due to the somewhat thin blade. I do not think the Tanto version makes much sense for an EDC. I do not use the Wave feature, I simply use it as a thumb ramp.

It remains to be seen if Kershaw will collaborate on larger (or fixed blade) Emerson designs next year, but who would buy the “originals” from him then ? Those are just, even considering US manufacture, a good bit overpriced and usually feature a rather skinny liner lock. The consistency of the quality control is also not perfect, I understand.

The only thing that can be “criticized” on my 6034s is that the jimping is somewhat crudely laser cut. Also, the color and finish combinations make the knife look a bit “busy”. The thumb disk can get in the way with some cutting chores and, of course, all steel framelock knives are heavy for their size, but that is a basic design feature and not the fault of manufacturing. My two knives lock up perfectly and I gather nothing else from other people on the WWW.

Most highly recommended. People like them a lot, they are usually sold out at the shops these days and you might have to wait a bit until they are back in stock. I hope Kershaw and Emerson will give us 3.75 inch blade designs for the next year.

PS : … after a week or so of use, i found that the screws on the knife frame have a tendency to get loose, so you might want to take a look at them regularly or loctite them in place. Also, when cutting fabric or cloth a lot, the “choil” between handle and the starting point of the edge can get hung up in your work. Not a major concern, but when I had to cut a tarp into small pieces, it annoyed me enough to get another knife to do the job.


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