Homemade Hobo Pocket Suspension Clips

The pocket suspension clip is a neat piece of gear that prevents your small items to roll around the bottom of your pants pockets, cut the threads there or disturb you when you´re seated. Many use them for their Vic Alox models, for single cell mini flashlights or “EDC”-keychains.
They are available from several makers, but just as easily homemade. All you need is some old kitchen cutlery or inexpensive sheet metal tea spoons, a Dremel tool for cutting and drilling and one or two pliers with taped edges, a little sandpaper, plus 10 minutes of spare time. If you cannot drill the hole with the available tools, bend the cut-down handle in a flat S-shape and thread a split ring or small paracord loop through the “item”-end to attach your stuff.

sus1 sus2 sus3


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