Shot Show 2015 knife highlights

Honestly, IMHO this year´s SHOT SHOW has not been dramatically interesting when it came to new cutlery products, but in the fighting blade department, one dream seems to have come true : A smaller version of the Hissatsu, called the Yukanto, will be forthcoming from CRKT. I can´t wait to lay my eager hands on one and give you a review.

Also, Buck has surprised me with a very beautiful and quite inexpensive (imported, but made from 420HC) outdoors survival knife called the 863 Selkirk.

Kershaw has enlarged one of the Emerson collaborations into the great-looking CQC-4KXL. This should be a must-buy. Zero Tolerance will give us the Emerson 0630, maybe my first titanium-G10 high end production folder. I love that blade shape.

Finally, Cold Steel has dramatically enlarged the Shanghai Shadow “dagger” into the Shanghai Warrior “smatchet”. I will probably not be able to live without one of these badass fighters for very long.


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