Pilot Japan Lucina Fountain Pen (broad nib version)

A few weeks back, I received my Lucina fountain pen from Japan. What a wonderful broad steel nib! Actually, it writes more like a Western medium, but that was to be expected from a Japanese FP. Enough time has passed now for me to declare that this guy is right now my favorite writing instrument.

luc1 luc2
On every decent paper, I can find no sweet spot on this nib. Now matter how much you tweak or twist it, it just puts down a wet and even line, making it a joy to use. Smooth and easy writers can be found in steel nibbed fountain pens and you don´t need to spend a lot of money..

luc3 luc4
Overall, a Lucina is in the weight and size range of a Pelikan M200 that so many people favor, but with a thicker section. Somehow, the black plastic body feels a bit cheaper than a resin model, but that effect could be pure psychology.
Sadly, my sample did not come with a converter, but I am well stocked on Pilot cartridges. They also hold up extremely well to being refilled due to the stout way they are fitted inside the pens.

luc5 luc6
This pen is a keeper and highly recommended. I might buy another if I should learn that they will be discontinued sometime. From the looks department, I do not consider the clip to be especially beautiful and it even seems to be fragile, but I can live with that. The other negative thing might be that the cap needs quite a few turns to screw it on or off. I would also like to see versions with chrome applications instead of the gold platings.
There are blue, red and yellow versions of the Lucina available, but they all have black accents, so I opted for the all-black model. The Lucina can be had for under 40 Dollars currently (plus shipping) and comes very well packed to your doorstep from Japanese ebay dealers. If they all write as well as my sample, that is a steal.

luc7 luc8
Frankly, I see no need to go below the Lucina and buy a Pilot Prera as it boasts the nib of the very inexpensive (around 12 Dollars currently ) Pilot 78G, but my interest in a Pilot Custom 91 is now there.

The writing sample gives you a hint of the nib width of the “broad” Lucina.


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