Yes, the pencil is a sweet writing instrument for some purposes. I have lately read through some blogs dealing with pencils and could not resist to buy and order a few to satisfy my curiousness about the whole thing, about the “world of pencils”. I like a smooth pencil to take some notes IF I know they do not have to be permanent, only a draft. A pencil also seems to have the force to educate your hand to a decent handwriting.
But honestly, after trying out some of the most respected pencils available (Japanese Mono 100), I feel hard pressed to tell the difference in smoothness and effect to the simple Bic or some Staedtler. Only the economy Faber Castell 1117 struck me as being a bit cheap in performance. Aesthetics aside, I would just grab any decent quality 2B grade and be happy with it. Forgive me, pencil lovers, but I am not worthy.

pencils1 pencils2 pencils3 penciles4 pencils5 pencils6 pencils7


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