Cold Steel Finn Wolf AUS-8 bushcrafting folding knife

Yesterday, my CS Finn Wolf arrived from the US and I have to say, after playing around with it outdoors and cutting up all kinds of stuff indoors, CS has another winner here.

It is very light (only 95 grams) due to being linerless, completely ambidextrous, a great size for EDC and features a very interesting ever so slightly hollow “scandi” grind not commonly seen in folding knives. And, yes, thank you for asking, it cuts like a scalpel. I do not think I ever had a sharper knife out of the box.

There is also the TriAd lock and a relatively peaceful overall look to it, not often seen these days in CS knives imho. The Finn Wolf is a flat knife with a slightly rough surface, like used fine grit sandpaper. The clip is not overly tight, it just holds the knife securely and not very deep.

You probably cannot break the tip of this knife easily. Scandinavian blade shapes make the better Tantos, you could say. The 85mm blade is 3mm thick and the spine is sharp enough to skin bark from saplings and should work just fine with a firesteel.

I checked the woodworking capabilities of the Finn Wolf against several Mora and Hultafors knife and would say that it shines, for what it is, a folding knife. Extensive work is better done with a fixed blade that has a more rounded handle, but it is mainly the pocket clip that annoys me on Folders when carving a lot. Remove it before using the Finn Wolf over long periods of time and you should be fine.

The prepper community is already in love with this knife and I would agree that you get quite a bit for not even 40 dollars street price. I would love to see different handle colors offered, maybe even variations in blade shape. The handle as such is just perfect, even for my meaty paws, though it is a little flat..

The overall size, the ultra strong lock, the stainless blade, everything combined would make this knife perfect for a very compact survival kit, but it is also suitable as an EDC in an urban environment.

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