EU commission plans

Terrorists are killing people on the streets. There are military forces patroling the streets of Paris and Belgium. Soccer games and public events get cancelled because people are afraid of bombs going up. Nobody has a plan what to do about terror, but hey, putting French flags over your FB avatar is always cute, isn´t it ?

What does the EU do ? Allow concealed carry in public and give the people a means of stopping these madmen on the spot ? No, it tries to disarm law abiding citizens on a big scale. And while these plans were on the backburner in some drawers for a long time, they´re really pushing it this time, using the terror of Paris as a vehicle. It is pathetic.

You can read all about it here :

Not only your semi-auto rifle or your high capacity handgun can be affected. Even blank firing guns, many softair pistols and deactivated guns will be hit if this becomes a reality. Many, many companies and dealers will simply go out of business. In the long run, this could kill the shooting sports in Europe.

What did you say ? You own only a hunting rifle and a revolver ? Guess what ? You might have to see a shrink and/or proctologist every 5 years to keep them, and pay for that mandatory “medical checkup”, too.

You only own bowie knives and Katanas in the EU ? Read my lips and trust me on this, those will be next.

I´m sure that the “IS” scum will get a big  laugh out of this. None of the plans will stop a single one of them from doing harm. These guys can only be stopped by shooting them in the face. Period.

Write the EU Commission what you think about their great idea, but stay polite, even if it is tough  :

Here is also a petition you can sign against this bullshit :

It is near 200.000 signatures as I write this. It should be ten times that much already.

Most important, if you live in the EU, contact your representative. A fax or letter (that´s the paper thing you put in an envelope with a stamp on it, ask your granny about it) using your own words is more effective than e-mail.

This is a serious attack on your property and freedoms by persons not even elected by the people !





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