Vostok Amphibia Diver watch

I´ve had some Amphibias in the early 90s when they first came to the market here in Germany, but the fact that there was no quick-date-setting option always made them somewhat impractical.


Solution ? I have bought a no-date-version several months ago. These watches are a terrific value and their automatic movements can take a real beating, if not being the most accurate ones. But they can go 10 years or more without a service.


The Amphibia design is extremely interesting when it comes to the crystal, the crown and the baseplate. You can find details online. If these features had found their way into the Swiss watch industry, maybe history would have changed.


The lume is quite decent, the bezel being only press fitted and therefore sometimes a little loose. Strap widh is 18mm as Amphibias are “smallish” at 40mm without the (big) crown.


I love the deep blue of my dial and the fact that the watch came with a decent rubber strap, the metal bands sometimes coming with them are trash. Many versions (dial style, case shape, date window or not) can be had and the Amphibias seem to get modded a lot. You can build a small collection without spending a fortune.



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