Pelikan Kaufhof M 605 fountain pen

Every year around around christmas time, the German department store chain Galeria Kaufhof has a special deal for it´s customers, in the shops or online. A Pelikan M605 gold nibbed piston filler fountain pen in a deep shady blue color with silver rhodium accents. These models (they initially had around one thousand of them) stem from an export order that did not came to be, as the legend goes.

Whatever happened back then, this is the best deal in the fountain pen world available. They retail for around 130 Euros, can be combined with coupons and so, if you live in Germany or know a buddy who does, you get an M600 series FP for a third of retail.

They all come with an 14C 585 gold medium size super-smooth nib that runs on the wide side and will not be suited for anything but the boldest of handwriting styles. I had mine swapped for an F (Pelikan will do this within a few weeks after purchase for free) and it still writes a tad wider than my steel nibbed medium M200. Check my writing sample and be aware of the general size of the Pelikan 600 series before you try to get one.

I gather that Galeria Kaufhof still has a few hundred for them, so you will not be in a hurry. People regularly post these on Ebay to make a profit, but it rarely seems to work.

A Pelikano pen was what I used in school in the first years and a Pelikan M150 was my first decent fountain pen in later years, so the company naturally has a special place in my heart and I´m glad I finally have a gold nibbed pen that I completely enjoy.


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