Lamy AL-Star “keeper” fountain pen

Frankly, my feelings about the Safari are mixed. First, I do not see it as a particularly pretty pen. Second, it is the most popular FP in German schools and therefore has a puerile image for me. Third, and most important, I do not respect the “ergonomic” section that forces you to hold it the way the Lamy designers thought would be most comfortable.

For these reasons, all my Safaris eventually got sold again. It must have happened two or three times. You might know this “give it another chance because everybody says it is so great”-voice in your head.

During a recent flea market visit, there was a seller with a whole cardboard box full of Safaris in all colors. They all seemed barely used, probably former display models and I found an aluminium version that does not make the owner seem to be 11 years old. The price was 5 €, about a quarter of retail. My intention : Buy it to keep me from buying Safaris ever again. That is creepy thinking, ain´t it ?

Back home, I flushed it well and found … the greatest medium steel nib I have had in some time ! I do think it is on par with my beloved Pilot Lucina or a Pelikan 200, maybe even a tad wetter. I still do not enjoy how the pen feels in my fingers, but at least it is the best writer in the Safaris I have tried. So this will be a keeper that keeps me from buying any more. Mission accomplished.


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