Sanrenmu 9103 w/ball bearings

It seems like Chinese homage knives in the low price segment keep getting better. One of the latest Sanrenmu Land models is the 9103, which could be called a 710 on steroids. A flat ground blade of Swedish 12C27 stainless steel is coupled with a frame-lock all-steel handle featuring lightening cutouts underneath.

My sample has a nicely centered shaving sharp blade with a lockup that slips 2/3 under the blade with a seriuos detent action, making opening a tad hard, but carry all the more safer.

I have to lament that I could not get the torx screw of the ambidextrous clip removed yet. Maybe I buggered the screwhead too much already or I just do not have the correct torx bit. Anyway, the screw quality on Chinese knives is still an issue.

There is also a stonewashed black version of this model ( # 9104 ) and if you can live with the fact that it is a ripoff design from a classic Chris Reeve having a somewhat slippery handle, I strongly recommend getting one of these.



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