THE REVENANT Teaser &Trailer

I´m really looking forward to this :

Now the complete trailer is out :


Taken 3 … blame guns or blame the movies or blame … assholes ?

Liam Neeson enjoys playing pistoleros, lately. Sadly, he is just another H3 (Hilarious Hollywood Hypocrite) who cannot keep his mouth shut. Para USA doesn´t like him any more and ME LIKEY that. I never blamed firearms OR movies for “gun violence” (is that different from other sorts of violence?), but old Liam probably knows everything and all about such issues. He seemingly even went so far as to connect the latest Paris acts of terror to US citizens enjoying their 2nd Amendment rights. OK, no more of my money for Mr. Neeson´s movies.

“Extreme Prejudice” (1987) by Walter Hill

Some movies stay in your mind, some don´t. Walter Hill´s “Extreme Prejudice” is one of my eternal favorites. You don´t have to like it, you can even call it “western cheesy” or full of primitive adolescent morale and violence, but i adore this flick. Every second, every minute, and every single bit of the great Jerry Goldsmith soundtrack. I have it on DVD and i own the extended soundtrack on CD. Bury me with both, please.

I did not watch it on TV in some rerun for the first time, but actually went to the cinema one bored afternoon after school back then when they showed it in the theaters so many years ago. Boy, i was 16 or 17 at the time, and i was hooked. I do not remember how many times i have seen it ever since. Little did i know that Nick Nolte actually founded his character portrayal on a real Texas Ranger (the weapons, clothing, demeanor, the walking and the talking … i read the biography of Mr. Joaquin Jackson only many years later), but … everything in his acting seemed just right and very credible.

The acting of the movie in general is not oscar-worthy (Powers Booth and Maria Conchita Alonso stand out a bit), the characters are somewhat stereotype (this is still a western), the shootouts are dramatic and always recoil-free (this is still a movie), but the story about two former teenage friends finding themselves on two opposite sides of the law (or the Rio Grande), fighting over a woman, is gripping and worth watching.

This flick does not lend itself to a 3D-“remake”, which is a good thing. The very first photo above with the guys behind Nolte in desert camouflage is a publicity shot and not featured in the movie itself. As are some trailers on youtube. Blessed be the “Eighties” of the last century.

As a note for the gun & leather lovers :

Mr. Jackson has noted in his biography that his holster was handmade after the “Brille” design and Nick Nolte had one made just like that, but i have been unable to identify what a ” Brille” style really means. If you know more about it, please drop me a line. El Paso Saddlery offers some very nice holster in a similar style.

Mr. Jackson used a .45 Colt Commander when “rangering” (besides a S&W Combat Magnum 19 issue gun), but the movie gun is actually a 9mm version as it proved more reliable with blanks. The short barrel “Trapper” Winchester lever gun of Mr. Nolte is also similar to the custom rifle Mr. Jackson actually carried on duty.

True Grit 2010 New Feature Trailer

One of the greatest western movies of all times, True Grit from 1969, gets “freshed up”. Messing around with classics (especially when John Wayne was awarded an Oscar for the original) is dangerous and Hollywood is all prequel, relaunch and 3D-sequel these days. Judging from the trailer, however, this could be a good one! Matt Damon seems a bit odd as a Texas Ranger and Josh Brolin is everywhere these days, but so what ? I´m looking forward to this movie.

Having a song from Johnny Cash from the “American Recordings” in it does not hurt either.

Watch the feature trailer here.