Faber Castell LOOM fountain pen

When I first saw pictures of the F.C. Loom on the web, it did not strike me as especially beautiful. Most versions have somewhat garish colors for their caps and the shiny barrel did not look so appealing. I had read good things about their steel nibs, though.

One day a matted “Metallic” look version (i.e. adult variant) was available for a very good price (well below 20 Euros including shipping) and I wanted to give it a try.

The section and cap of the Loom, which is probably made in China, are plastic, only the barrel is metal. Some owners say the cap is fitted super-tightly. Not so on my sample. It is merely a secure fit. The clip is spring loaded, as all clips under the sun should be.

PROS : The B nib that I chose is really butter-smooth and puts down a fat and wet line. Quality control on these nibs must be great, as users make the same experience all over the world. The Loom takes standard international cartridges or converters and is really not an expensive FP. It is super reliable, skip-free, does not dry out easily.

CONS : I find the section to be a bit on the slippery side. The barrel will scratch easily if you use the Loom in the posted mode. Though it is not a light pen (32 grams with converter), it has a somewhat cheap feel to it.

I think the F.C. Loom´s aesthetics and ergonomics are splitting the crowd. It is probably in direct competition with the Lamy Safari. A tough job. I do not find myself using it for extended periods of time, so it remains to be seen if it will find a permanent home with me.



Two is one, one is none ;)

I really love my CS Counter Point 1. Enough to get a second one. Buying a replacement in fear of something could be discontinued, that is the highest praise I can give.

While not a very good utility knife, it makes a great reverse grip fighter. Using two of them in a dark alley (yes, that is the Zorro syndrome, thank you) should make any attacker rethink if you are the perfect victim.

Recently, these knives have been upgraded by CS with better blade steel and textured handles and I am tempted to get an XL version.


Fossil Del Rey quartz chronographs

I´ve had one of these since this summer in my EDC rotation, the champagne color dial version. I was always struck by the simple and somewhat vintage design. Also, the Seiko VK64 Meca Quartz movement will give the casual observer the impression of a mechanical watch as the chrono second hand glides smoothly over the face when activated.

The quick change high-quality straps by Fossil are pure genius, too, and we have a solid screw-down caseback. Workmanship was impeccable, so I had no reservations when a black faced like-new version came up for a very good price on Ebay. I like it just as much, maybe a tad more.

The Del Rey chronograph line from Fossil comes in many versions, 42mm is the case size without crown, 22mm the lug width. There is a 60 minute subdial and a somewhat less useful 12/24 hour indicator, but no second hand per se.

Considering the somewhat special movement and that a Swiss watch company (or some Kickstarter “projects”) will charge you two or three times as smuch for a similar timepiece, I´d strongly recommend these watches to anyone looking for a reliable and dressy quartz chronograph.